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Desktop Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor for Lab Use

H2S-1010 Hydrogen Sulfide Detector

A desktop version of the system has been developed and is being used as an alternative to Gas Chromatography (GC) or Mass Spectrometry (MS) methods, which are too cost prohibitive and cumbersome for laboratory studies. Our platform technology, H2S-1010, is able of extremely rapid and linear response to hydrogen sulfide at parts-per-billion levels in single gas sample or for continuous sampling modes, with a tested limit-of-detection of 2 ppb (SNR>3).

H2S-1010 is a portable, user-friendly, and rapid device that fits budgets and provides tremendous user flexibility. While a reading can be obtained within a few seconds with just a push of a button, its menu-driven options for adjustment of the measurement protocols and sampling parameters allows the user to closely configure the system to their tailored measurement needs. 

Typical Sensor Response Curves

10 ppb sampler data

Typical Signal-to-Noise Ratios